Role: Dulcie Danner, Lead
Having finished shooting the female lead last year, working with Oscar-nominated Gary Busey in the family feature movie "DOWN AND DISTANCE" (see demoreel page for footage), I am now shooting the lead in one of the best scripts I've had the pleasure in working on to date... "Dulcie's Date" also starring Ben Reed.

Look for 'On The Set' photos on my PHOTO page of this website - coming soon.


Dulcie Danner (Suzanne Karseras), a jazz D.J. for a national radio station, finds her world closing in on her. She struggles with a heart-rending fight against her ever-increasing agrophobia. The illness is rapidly worsening and has already cost her a previous relationship with legendary jazz saxophonist Skip Hawkins (Jeorge Watson).
With both her love life and radio career on the brink of complete collapse, Dulcie is given a second chance of love when Skip reappears on the scene. But Skip's plans are potentially thwarted when Jack (Ben Reed), a handsome fan of Dulcie's, comes to her aid, helping her with her struggle against the illness, all the while falling deeper and deeper in love with her. Does Dulcie find the strength to overcome her most inner fears of the outside world? Does she choose the glamorous life with the infamous Skip Hawkins or with Jack, who offers her very little save the truest of true love?

Contact details
Contact for DULCIE'S DATE available at Hot Sprocket Films (514) 760-5635.